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Meet Angelica

I spent my childhood between Miami, Florida and Freeport, Bahamas. Growing up as the fourth of five children, the only girl, and one of over twenty-five closely raised cousins, I am no stranger to having to advocate for others through various conflicts and negotiations. Having been dubbed the family’s “pit-bull advocate for justice” as a child, I started my training as a litigation attorney long before I ever attended and graduated from Stetson University College of Law.

I was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2013 and have been working in the field of legal litigation ever since. In the Family Law realm, I have handled dependency cases, grandparent’s rights, dissolution of marriage both with and without children, modification of time sharing and child support, paternity, relocation cases. My experience in Criminal Law includes both jury trials and plea negotiations for clients charged with drug trafficking, possession of cannabis, armed robbery of dwelling, and driving with a suspended license. In the civil litigation realm, I have successfully represented both Plaintiffs and Defendant in cases for breach of contracts, landlord/ tenant, lemon law, breach of warranty, constructive trust in real estate, various types of negligence, premises liability, personal injury, and fraudulent wills. I have also drafted a number of contracts, waivers, confidentiality agreements, and other important documents for businesses and individuals seeking to enter into agreements with another business or individual.

The name Reyne holds a two -fold meaning which encompasses my dedication to each client. “Rey”, the Spanish word for ruler, represents the charge of the King or Queen to pursue the best interests of their citizens. Likewise, it is my job to help you identify what is in your best interest and then focus on accomplishing those goals which are realistic. My role is to be honest with you every step of the way, ensure that you know your case’s weaknesses and strengths, giving you information and showing you the tools you need to be successful, maintaining open lines of communication, and being frank with you when I feel as though we are deviating or jeopardizing the identified goals.

The second meaning behind the word “Reyne” is tied to its pronunciation, “rain”. When I think rain, I think of the adaptability of water. While water can be detoured, it cannot be stopped, it just makes another way. Likewise, once we have set our goals, it is my job to find a way to accomplish them. It means being tough and combative when called for, flexible when necessary, and strategic throughout the entire negotiation and litigation process.

When you are hiring me, you are giving me your family issues, business deals, and conflicts, asking me to obtain the best possible outcome for you. This means that you should be able to breathe a little easier. As your attorney, it my job to provide you with competent, attentive, and affordable services; all while avoiding adding exorbitant legal fees to your budget and overhead.

This is the promise of The Reyne Law Group, PLLC. I will advocate for you zealously and litigate strategically. I will seek your best interests and navigate you through the process.

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