Driving with a Suspended License Florida

Driving With a Suspended License in Orlando, Fl?


One of the biggest mistakes that people who are charged with driving with a suspended license make is confusing the consequences with that of a speeding ticket,  and not retaining a lawyer immediately for representation.  A speeding ticket can be resolved with prepayment. Driving with a suspended license  (also referred to as DWLS) can result in a misdemeanor with serious consequences as a  conviction, including, but not limited to:


-jail or prison sentence

-expensive fines

-possible vehicle impoundment, immobilization or seizure

-additional license suspension


In Florida, it is illegal to drive with a suspended license.  If you have been charged with driving while suspended, it is strongly recommended you appear in Court with an experienced attorney. It’s something that should not be left to chance, in hopes that the Judge will dismiss the case or give a reduced sentence.  While many Florida driver’s license suspensions are caused by traffic citations, there are numerous other causes for suspension or revocation such as:

  • Non-payment of child support
  • Non-payment of auto insurance of lapse in notification to the DMV by the insurance company that driver reinstated insurance policy
  • Failure to pay traffic citations
  • Failure to appear in court or comply with a court order
  • Failure to provide proof of auto insurance and/or vehicle registration
  • A solicitation conviction involving the driver’s vehicle
  • Theft (stealing gas)
  • DUI arrest and/or conviction
  • Drug offense conviction
  • Acquiring too many points within the allowed time frames

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A key factor in cases that is looked at in cases  involving suspended licenses is whether the driver had knowledge that their license was suspended or revoked. Driving with knowledge, will result in a criminal traffic violation.

  • 1stoffense: 2nd degree misdemeanor – 60 days jail, $500 fine, maximum
  • 2ndoffense: 1st degree misdemeanor – 364 days jail, $1,000 fine, maximum
  • 3rdor subsequent offense: 3rd degree felony – 5 years prison, $5,000 fine, maximum

If you are driving unknowingly with a suspended license, the penalties are less severe. This could result in result in a civil traffic citation, instead of a criminal charge. The maximum penalty is a $500 fine.  You can find the laws for driving with a suspended license in Florida Statute 322.34, entitled “Driving while license suspended, revoked, canceled or disqualified” details the driver’s license suspension laws.

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